Vastu tips for toilet bathroom

vastu tips for toilet bathroom
vastu tips for toilet bathroom

Toilet – Bathroom Vastu

Toilets and bathrooms are very important in any building. It is also credible to make it Vastu-compliant, otherwise, the residents there face many troubles throughout their life. The Vastu rules mentioned here for toilets and bathrooms will definitely be beneficial for you.

  • Nowadays due to location, urban culture, little knowledge of the scriptures, most toilets and bathrooms are built together, but this is not right, it causes Vastu defects in the house. This often leads to differences and debates between family members at home.

According to Vishwakarma Prakash, the major scripture of Vastu Shastra, there should be a bathroom in the east direction of the building and a bathroom in the south, south (south-west) direction. But by having these two at the same time, this rule of Vastu breaks.

  •  According to Vaastu Shastra, Moon is in the bathroom and Rahu is in the toilet. Therefore, if both are made together in a building, Moon and Rahu are together because the Moon causes defects. Due to this, the residents of the house may have to face physical, mental and financial troubles.
  •  On making separate toilets and bathrooms, bathrooms should be built in the north and east direction and toilets between south, west, south and night. But when the two are combined together, it is best to make them in the western and northern vertical angles. Apart from this, it can also be made between West, South and Night.
  • Toilets and bathrooms should be constructed in any of the above directions but keep in mind that in the bathroom, the slope of the floor, the flow of water should be towards the north and east direction only.
  •  The seating arrangement in the toilet should be such that you should face towards south or west direction while defecating. Never in the East, because the former is the direction of the Sun God and it is believed that he is insulted by defecating on that side. Due to this, the person may face legal hurdles and waste.
  •  To make combined toilets and bathrooms or only separate bathrooms, it must be noted that the water taps, bath showers are to be placed in the north and east direction and the person’s mouth is facing north, north or east while taking bath. Must be the same.
  •  Even while brushing/brushing, the mouth should be towards north or east.
  •  Similarly, for making combined toilets and bathrooms, or only for toilets separately, it must also be noted that in addition to making the toilet seat at west angle and west side, south direction can also be an option.
  • If a bathtub is to be installed in the bathroom, it should be placed in the north, east or northeast angle.
  •  Electrical appliances, switchboards should be installed in unidirectional angle or south direction in the combined toilet and bathroom or bathroom only.
  • If you want to keep a washing machine there too, it should also be kept in the south or fire angle.
  • Its walls should be painted white, light blue, sky or light yellow.
  •  On the construction of separate toilets and bathrooms, the doors of the bathrooms should be opened in the east and north and the doors of the toilets should be opened towards the east and fire.
  •  The mirror should be installed in the north or east wall in the bathroom but it should be avoided as far as possible to place the mirror in the south or west wall.

Today, the trend of attached bathroom in the bedroom is also wrong. With this, our health is soon affected by the collision of bedroom and bathroom energies. To avoid this, either make a change room in the bedroom between the attached bathrooms, or put a thick curtain on this bathroom and make sure that the bathroom door is kept closed after use.

  • Here, it is advisable to give the window in the north or east, it can also be made in the west but it should not be made at all in the south and night angles.
  •  In this, the exhaust fan should be placed on the east or north direction wall.
  • If the tap is dripping anywhere in the building, it should be repaired immediately. If there is dampness anywhere in the building, get it repaired immediately. Along with this, water tanks should also be cleaned from time to time. This will never cause financial problems to the members of the building.
  • Also, note that its door should not open in front of the kitchen door. Or its wall and kitchen wall should not be the same.
  • If the construction of toilets and bathrooms is not Vastu compliant, then put a big mirror outside it. Applying a picture of a lion or a torn lion while hunting also reduces its architectural defects.

Since soap, water, etc. are used here, it should be avoided to use marble in it, it can be dangerous.

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