Vastu Shastra of east facing house

Vastu shastra of east facing house
Lord Indra dwells towards east and Sun is considered to be its planet. It is also believed that the direction from which the sun rises is the most auspicious and the best because the light that enters our house at the time of sun rise is the best for our family, so we need The main gate should be kept in the east direction.
North east direction is considered the most auspicious place for worship and meeting in the house. Because the rays of the sun fall right here in the morning. If there is a water tank inside the ground at such a place, then it is considered good for those living in that house.
The main source of this direction is said to be illumination, knowledge and intelligence.
The owner of the house built on the east side is believed to be Lord Brahma who created the psyche on earth.

What should be according to Vastu in the east direction?

  1. The eastern part should be lower in comparison to other parts of the house.
  2. According to Vastu, the slope of the house from south to north direction is considered very auspicious. But in some other circumstances, the slope from south west to north east direction is also accepted.
  3. According to Vastu, it is not considered correct to keep the walls of North and East direction high.
  4. The location of the master bedroom should be in the south west direction.
  5. The place of cooking where the bass of Mata Annapurna should be should be in the southeast direction and if the place is unable to be found, then in this case you can also keep the kitchen in the north west direction.
  6. North West direction is considered best for guest room.
  7. Staircase should also be kept in this direction.

सरल Simple steps to remove Vaastu defects in the east direction.

  1. By keeping a large open space in the north and east, there is a bass of wealth and fame.
  2. In order to remove the Vastu Dosha, our ancestors had given some remedies, which people are now forgetting all that. First of all, when food is cooked in our house in the morning, the first bread is left for the cow. The last bread is left for the dog.
  3. The housewife should keep in mind that she should never sit in the kitchen and eat food, this leads to impoverishment in the house.
  4. But if a child (child) in that house is suffering from snake defect tomorrow, if he eats food while sitting in the kitchen, he can benefit from it.
  5. In place of keeping water in the kitchen and place of flour, you should not put your hands repeatedly.
  6. The stove should not be in north-east direction.
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