Vastu for doors

Vastu for doors
Vastu for doors

Vastu tips for doors

Home and planet contribute a lot in our life. If the house is built according to Vastu then the planets will also be correct. The most important is the house. Doors are the most important part of our house. According to Vastu Shastra, how our doors are also affected our future.
Do you know that nowadays people live in Flahat, so everyone’s doors are also the same? In such a situation, whether the fate of everyone will be the same, this question may arise in your mind. Doors can also shine and damage.

So let’s first know important information about the size of the doors.

Some important rules of the door: –

  • There should not be three doors in a straight line.
  • There should be two entrances in the house. One big one small.
  • Do not make the entrance in the very corner of the house.
  • The way to the inside of the house should be directly connected to the main gate.
  • Better if there is a huge tower just in front of the house.
  • There is no pillar of any kind just in front of the main gate.
  • Open well should not be in front of the main gate.
  • There is no pit or direct passage in front of the main gate.
  • The garbage house, dilapidated building or any such negative thing should not be in front of the house.
  • There should be no stairs to go up against the door.
  • There should not be a paved door. Be two-headed.
  • The main gate should not be triangular, circular, square or polygon-shaped.
  • Ladder should not be made in front of the gateway. According to Vastu * the door of the stairs should face towards the north or south direction.
  • The main door should be small and the door behind it should not be big. The main door should be large.
  • Door should not be made within the door.
  • The upper floor doors of the house should be slightly smaller than the lower floor doors.
  • Doors should not be broken.
  • The creaking sound that comes in the opening and closing of the door is called Swaravedha due to which the unexpected unpleasant events are encouraged.
  • Some doors are such that there are windows, such doors can have vastu defects.
  • All windows and doors of the house should be at the same height.
  • If there are two main gates in the house then Vastu can be defective. Only one main entrance to the house should be large. * Two main gates should not be constructed in opposite direction.
  • The main gate of the house should not be located in the middle or right of the house, or contact the architect.
  • A door in front of which a tree, pillar, wall, DP, hand pump, mud, etc. is considered as pillar perforation in Vastu.
  • The main entrance of the house should not be facing outwards.

Let us now know important information about the direction of the doors.

East direction door:

Often people think of getting east facing house but most of the houses are either igneous or have northeast. If there are former faces then it will be auspicious but there is no guarantee. The door of the house in the east direction is auspicious in many cases but such a person drowns in debt. It is auspicious to place auspicious festoon on the door in this direction when there is a Vastu defect. However, this door provides versatile growth and prosperity.

Agneya Darwaza (South-East):

It is said in the bar of the fiery angle that it causes illness and wheezing. Oxygen levels inside the house are reduced by keeping the temperature of the sun in the house throughout the day. This door stops all kind of progress. Continuing financial loss.

South direction door:

If there is a south direction door, you will have to face constant financial and mental troubles. There should not be any kind of openness, toilets etc. in the south direction. By placing the load on the land of this direction, the homeowner is happy, prosperous and healthy. Putting wealth in this direction also increases it.

Naritya Darwaza (South-West):

Avoid making entrance in the south-west in any case. Being the gateway in this direction means inviting troubles. Due to the increase in the south-west angle, unbearable health pains and other serious problems arise and if it is left open then there is no problem.

Western Door:

Having a door in the west direction ends the house. Your kitchen or toilet should be in this direction. If the entrance of your building is only in the west direction, then it will benefit your business, but this profit will be temporary. However, it is not necessary that the door of the west direction will always be at a disadvantage. If the Vastu inside the house is right and according to the important rules of the door mentioned below, then it will be helpful in economic progress.

Yavya Darwaza (North-west):

If you are in north and west direction, it not only gives you prosperity, it has also been seen that this situation increases the interest of any member living in the building in spirituality. But for this the Vastu inside the house should also be right. If the angle of angle is dirty then there will be loss.

Door of North direction:

According to Vastu, the north door is always beneficial. In this direction, there should be maximum windows and doors of the house. The balcony of the house should also be in this direction. North direction brings prosperity, fame and happiness. In this direction, there is loss of wealth and career obstacles due to Vastu defect.

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