Vastu tips for drawing room

Vastu tips for drawing room
Vastu tips for drawing room

Vastu of drawing room

Drawing Room / Guest Room is a very important room in your house. In the drawing-room, not only the family members spend the most time, but the guests also first meet you through the drawing-room/reception room in the house. The drawing room also gives a glimpse of your personality. It is believed that if the drawing-room of the house is kept according to Vastu, then the whole family gets the benefit of positive energy, there is happiness, peace and prosperity in the family and all the members of the house also feel better,

Know the Vastu of the drawing-room/reception/guest room

Vastu of guest room

  • The drawing room should be made between the aerial angle (north-west), north direction, east and northeast angle (north-east) of the building.
  • The slope in the drawing-room should always be kept towards the northeast direction.
  • Heavy furniture should be kept in south side in the drawing-room after that heavy furniture can be kept in west direction also, but heavy furniture should not be placed at all towards north and east wall.
  • While placing furniture in the drawing-room, keep in mind that while sitting the owner of the house, the face should be towards the east or north.
  • Place the telephone in the southwest corner (night angle) in the drawing-room and the TV rests in the south wall, in addition to the other electronic devices in the southeast corner (igneous angle).
  • In the drawing-room, water fountain and fish aquarium, etc.
  • It should be noted in the drawing-room that the natural light should be sufficient, for this, large windows must be made in the northern or eastern wall of the drawing-room.
  • It is very auspicious to have the door of the drawing-room in the north direction, but the door can also be kept in the east direction, but in addition to this, the door of the meeting room should not be kept in any other direction.
  •  The cooler / air condition in the drawing-room should be placed in the west, aerial direction (north-west), or the igneous direction (south-east) of the room.
  • The color of the walls of the drawing-room is light blue, yellow, cream or light green.
  • If there is a cupboard and showcase in the drawing-room in the southwest corner (night angle), it is very good. Apart from this, it can also be kept in the south direction.
  •  In the drawing-room, electric bulbs, tube rods, etc. should be installed in the eastern or northern wall.
  • In the drawing-room, a good natural scenery picture should be put, there should not be any such pictures or show-pieces depicting war, death, anger, and poverty.
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