Chhath Vrat Vidhi

Chhath Vrat Vidhi

Khaye Nahay: Chhath Puja is fasted for four days. There is a method of eating and bath on its first day. In which a person should clean himself by cleaning the house and should eat only pure vegetarian food.

Kharna: The method of kharna is done on its second day. In Kharna one should eat sugarcane juice or rice pudding made in jaggery in the evening as a prasad, keeping fast for the whole day. Jaggery kheer made on this day is very nutritious and tasty.

Evening Argh: On the third day Surya Shashthi should be fasted for the whole day and in order to offer Arghya to the sinking Sun in the evening, the materials of worship should be kept in a wooden and taken to the ghat. After offering arghya to the sun in the evening, the whole thing should be kept in the same house. On this day one should sing the songs of the chhati mata and listen to the fast story.

Morning Argh: After this, after returning home, one should reach the ghat before the sun comes out in the morning (fourth) day. Arghya should be given to the first ray of the rising sun. After this, Chhath Mata should be worshiped at the ghat and ask for the child’s protection. After giving arghya, you should return home and distribute prasad to everyone and eat the prasad itself and open the fast.

Recognition of Chhath festival (Chhath Puja)

It is believed that any devotee who performs this Mahavrat with method of devotion, As a result of this Mahavrat, a person not only gets a child, but also ends all his troubles.

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