vastu for north facing house

vastu for east facing house

In Vastu Shastra, buildings/plots of north direction are considered very good. Such buildings which have a path in the north direction are called Uttar Mukhi Bhawan. North direction has a direct impact on the economic condition of the women living in the building and the people living in that building. The north-facing plots are better suited for high-ranking officers, administrators, and government employees.

vastu for east facing house
  •  In the north-facing building, the floor of the front, ie the north-facing rooms, should always be lower than the floor of the rooms in the south and west directions.
  •  It is best to build the main gate in the north-east building in the northeast ie northeast. The main gate in the north direction is also very good, but the gate should not be made in the northwest ie the aerial angle.
vastu for pooja room
vastu for pooja room

  •  The building should first be constructed in the south direction and the north direction. The boundary wall of the north direction should be built at the very end.
  •  In this type of building, the north side of the vacant space and the north-facing slope in the building is very beneficial.
  •  There should be a blank space in the north and east direction, but there should also be boundary walls, that is, this direction should not be mixed at all on the roadside. Also, keep in mind that the boundary wall on this side should be constructed at the very end of the building.
  • In North Mukhi Bhawan, if there is no vacant space in front of the building and the building is constructed with a boundary wall or there is vacant space in the south direction, then there is always a shortage of money in that building, unnecessary expenditure and debts on the homeowner. The pressure remains.
  •  The first work should be started in the south direction in the north-facing building and the construction of the south should always be higher and lighter than the north. Otherwise, along with the loss of money, the health of the women of the house is also affected.
  •  The heavy goods should be kept on the south side of the building in this direction and the TV antennas, water tank, etc. should be kept high and heavy in the south of the roof.
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