vastu for west facing house

vastu for west facing house


Every person wants his house to be in accordance with Vastu so that there is no shortage of anything in his house. Whatever direction his house/plot faces, it should be auspicious for him. The buildings which have a path towards the west are called plots in the west direction. The auspicious ominous effect of such a plot affects the children living in that building.

  • Here we are telling you some special rules, by following which anyone can make their west-facing building very auspicious for themselves.
  •  The west-facing buildings should have the main gate facing west. There should not be gates in the southwest direction ie southwest direction and west angle ie northwest direction. There is a fear of illness, loss of money and premature death in the house when the main gate is in the night corner.
  •  If there is empty space in the west-facing the building, then it must be left behind in the east and if possible, north side also. The children have to face problems if there is more space in the west than in the east direction.
  •  It is very auspicious if a building in this direction is constructed with a high wall in the front.
  •  The boundary wall in the west-facing building should always be higher than the boundary wall of the east direction.
  •  Any type of construction should start from the west direction in the west-facing plot.
  •  The floor/veranda in the front of the west-facing building should be higher than the back veranda ie the floor in the east direction, this brings fame and success. But being below this, along with the loss of money, can also face a lot of waste.
  •  The height of the floor and ceiling of the rooms made in this direction should also be more than the rooms made in the east direction.
  •  The drainage of water in the west direction building should be in the north, east or northeast. Due to the drainage of water in front of the house, that is, in the west direction, the residents of the house may have to face a variety of serious diseases.
  •  Planting tall and heavy trees in the front part of the west-facing building gives auspicious results.
basics of Vastu Shastra
basics of Vastu Shastra

vastu for west facing house

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