basics of Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra basic | tip for Vastu shashtra

basics of Vastu Shastra
basics of Vastu Shastra

North-East ईशान कोण (ईशान कोण) water element, North-west (वायव्य कोण) air element, South-east (आग्नेय कोण) fire element, South-west (नैऋत्य कोण) earth element, Brahman place (middle place) sky element. These water, air, fire, earth and sky are called Pancha Mahabhutta elements. With whom our body is made up. Thus, the construction of a house in accordance with these directions does not cause Ghar Ke Vastu Dosh. At present, people have to live in small buildings due to the lack of space in the cities, as well as a large number of people also live in flats which are not completely Vastu, in such situations, by adopting some useful Vastu tips, Vastu defects can be greatly reduced. Can be reduced to a great extent,

The main entrance of the building should always be in the east or the north, but if it is not so, then by placing the ‘Swastika’ made of gold, silver or copper or Panch Dhatu on the main door of the house, it will develop positive energy and from the house. Vastu Dosh is removed.

The walls of the south west and south direction should be thicker than the north and north walls.

The water tank in the building should be placed above the roof in an south west view angle. Apart from this, an antenna or iron stick must also be installed in the eye angle so that the direction is always the highest and heaviest in the building.

The house owner gets auspicious results by having more empty space in the east instead of north and west instead of south.

The drainage of the building water should be from the North East or North East.

The building should be lower in the east than in the north and west compared to the south, the northerly direction should be lower.

Keep light goods in the east, north, north and west of the building and heavy items in the south and south direction, this keeps the balance in the building and does not generate negative energy.

Always keep the building angle high and heavy. Build the room of the head of the building here as well, due to this, he dominates the house and also gets respect and wealth. Apart from this, rooms of old people living in the building should also be constructed in the night or south.

The tall buildings, construction and tall trees in the east and north of the building impoverish the building owner, but big buildings and big trees in the south and west bring happiness and prosperity to the house. Therefore, if there is a high construction in the house or in the east and north of the house, then either raise your south direction (south west) or make a high antenna or high iron rod in the north direction so that it is the highest. Jaay, it will increase wealth and fame in life as well as your dominance.

Never build a house of worship, kitchen and toilet near each other.

Always worship God at home. Always perform poojas facing east or facing east. Always light a ghee or oil lamp in the house.

Do not keep cactus plant in the house, it causes disappointment, disturbance in the house.

Broken machines should not be kept in the house. Staying in their home surrounds mental stress, disease, financial problems.

The broom should never be kept standing anywhere in the house. He should not even place such a place where he should set foot or cross it. Due to this, there are financial problems in the house, there are problems in working.

Do not worship three Ganesha in the house of worship, otherwise there remains a kingdom of unrest in that house. Similarly, worship of 3 mothers and 2 conch shells together is also prohibited.

The location of water in the house has been considered very important. According to the Vastushastris, keep water in a bucket in the kitchen and bath (bathroom).
Keeping a bucket of water in the kitchen of the house in the north or north direction at night before going to sleep, can help in getting rid of debt. Keeping water in the bucket / tub in the bathroom of the house opens up new avenues for life.
Also, always keep the urn or small vessel filled with water in the northeast of the place of worship or temple built in the house. By doing this, the life of the residents of that house is happy in every way, the house is inhabited by love and happiness and prosperity.

According to Vastu Shastra, put a photo of Garuda in the south direction of the house, due to this disease and enemies are destroyed.
Put a photo of a turtle in a yellow frame in the north direction of the house (light photo, not heavy) This increases wealth and fame.

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