vastu of south facing house

vastu of south facing house

 vastu of south facing house
vastu shashtra south face home

Every person wants his house to be in accordance with Vastu so that there will be happiness and prosperity everywhere in the house. Therefore every person wants that his house should be facing east or north according to Vastu.

  • After the east and north directions, the third choice is the west-facing house, but everyone is afraid of taking the south-facing house in the fourth direction. For this reason, the price of south-facing houses and land remains the lowest. Such things are in vogue about south-facing house that a person living in such a house always has to face problems.
  • Living in such a house has to face the loss of money, sickness, debt and can also result in premature death. But this is not true, the truth is that if the south-facing house is made Vastu friendly, then the people living in such a house also get a lot of respect and fame and there is no lack of wealth in life. Here we are telling you some special things, by following which anyone can make their south-facing house lucky for themselves.
  •  The main gate of the house should be in the south. The main gate should not be present at all in the southeast angle and southwest. There is a fear of theft in the house, trouble from fire and court due to having a gate in the southeast angle and there is a possibility of diseases, enemy fear, accidental accident and premature death due to the main door in the southwest corner.
  •  If the main gate of the building is in a fiery angle, night angle, then make another door in the south direction and use it as much as possible and keep the gate of the southeast angle, southwest angle, as close as possible.
  •  As far as possible, construct a house adjoining the boundary wall in the south direction, but if you have to leave open space in the south direction, then you should leave more empty space in the north and east.
  • Construction work should start from south direction in the house of south direction.
  •  If the house in the south direction is higher than the south, west direction, north, east, the people living there get wealth, fame and health. That is, the rooms in the south should be higher than the north and east. But in contrast, wealth and health are lost when the construction of East and North is high and South and West are below construction. The child may be unwell and retarded.
what is Vastu Shastra
what is Vastu Shastra
  •  It is credible to keep heavy and unusable goods there by making a room in the front section of the house on the south side. But in the north, east of the building, only light items should be kept, and the room of Ishaan should be kept completely empty. The temples in the building were built in Ishaan’s room.
  •  Any type of underground tank such as boring, well, etc. should only be in the north, north, north and east. Also, make the septic tank in the north or east direction only. They should never be constructed in the south, west or west direction, otherwise, the residents there can always be involved in serious problems.
  •  The drainage of water in such a house should be in the north or northeast. This gives the house a wealth of benefits and its residents get health if it is not possible, then do it eastward so that there is no shortage of money in the house. is.
  •  For cleanliness in the building, give the slope only towards north, east direction or northeast angle so that water comes out on this site only.
  •  The north angle should not be truncated, elevated or spherical, and the southwest corner should not be lowered or extended in any way.
  •  If there is a portico in the south direction of the house and the pillars have been used there, then the pillars should be erected there and the floor of the portico should be higher than the building and its shield should be in the north or north.
  • By following these Vastu rules in the construction of a south-facing house in this way, such a house can be made fortunate.

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