vastu for east facing house

vastu for east facing house

The building/plot whose main part is towards the east is called east facing. This direction is considered to be very good for the residents of the building/plot. The east is considered to be the Sun God. The lord of this direction is Devraj Indra.

vastu for east facing house
  • In this type of building, the first rays of the sun enter at sunrise. Its auspicious effect is especially on the building owner and his children.
  • East oriented plots are considered particularly good for the intellectual class such as teachers, writers, students, philosophers, teachers, etc.
  • The east direction should be kept open for the most part of this building. It leads to happiness and good fortune. But while constructing such a plot, some important things should always be kept in mind, otherwise health, money loss, and dispute – fear of litigation remains,
  •  In the east direction building, it is best to have the main gate in the east or northeast angle. In such a building, do not forget that the main gates should be constructed in the direction of fire, because of having gates in this direction, there is fear of theft in the house, debate, and trouble from the court.
  •  In east Mukhi Bhavan, besides the main gateway, other gates should also be made more and more towards east, north or north-east. The windows should also be in this direction as much as possible so that the health of the residents of the building is good.
  •  In the east-facing the building, a picture or statue of the sun must be placed upwards outside the main gate, it always gives auspiciousness.
  •  Build a building in this direction by leaving space in the east and north direction. More space should be vacant in the eastern, northern and northeast of the building, due to which the people living there get the benefit of wealth, good health. The children in that house are very intelligent and obedient.
  •  In the north, east of the building, at least only goods should be kept and it is very good to build a temple in the northeast. On the contrary, it is credible to keep heavy baggage thereby making a room in the south, west-facing direction.
  •  The construction of the east and north in this building should always be inferior to the construction of the south and west. That is, South and West should always be elevated. This increases the descent, there is always positive energy in the house with the atmosphere of every euphoria. But in contrast, wealth and health are lost when the construction of East and North is high and South and West are below construction. The child may be unwell and retarded.
  •  The slope in this building should always be towards the east and north. That is, North and East should always be inferior to the South and West. It brings happiness, good fortune as well as wealth, fame and well-being. Love remains between the members of the household.
  •  If the building owner does any construction in his building near the boundary wall in the east direction, then the wall of the construction should be constructed leaving three to four feet of empty space in the east.
  •  If the building is to be constructed in the north direction or if the building is found in the north direction building, then leaving about 3 – 4 inches from that wall, making a new 3 – 4 thick wall is very beneficial. But this wall is south and west. Should be lower than the wall.
  •  If construction work is done in the south and west of the building with a boundary wall or another land, then it is very beneficial. But remember this direction should be built higher than the North and East.
  •  The roof of the verandah and portico built in the east direction should be tilted towards the east, this gives the owner the wealth, fame and success.
  •  The drainage of water used in the building is attributed to the east, north or north side. It brings happiness, prosperity and good health. Keep in mind that in no case should the drainage of water be in the south, west or night, otherwise it can have serious consequences.
  •  The roof of the verandah and portico built in the east direction should be tilted towards the east, this gives the owner the wealth, fame and success.
  •  If the building is to be built more than one floor, then the east, north and north side of the north side must be left blank on each floor. If the entire building is to be constructed, then at least two fitted balconies must be built on each floor in these directions.
  •  There should be no garbage, no mounds, debris, etc. in the eastern part of the building, otherwise, there is loss of wealth, fame and poor health of children. Therefore, this direction should always be kept clear. But if it is more than double the height of the building then there is no fault.
office _ shop vastu shastra tips
office _ shop vastu shastra tips

vastu for east facing house

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