office and shop Vastu Shastra tips

office _ shop vastu shastra tips
office _ shop vastu shastra tips

Office Vastu Shastra

Nowadays it is a time of fierce competition. People try hard to get ahead in their business. In this, not only his boss but also the future of all the employees is in the claim. But many times, even after a lot of hard work, even after putting in a lot of money, success remains far away, one of the main reasons may be the Vastu defects of his office. According to Vastu Shastra, each direction has a special quality and those directions By working according to the qualities, you can get benefit in a short time, small expenditure. Here we are telling you some easy rules related to office/office Land who adopt you certainly can take on your business and even greater heights

Know the vastu of the office

 You must install beautiful signboards outside your office/office, which can be visible to the people well. Applying beautiful signboards increases office fame.

 The owner of the shop, the office should always keep his chair high. Sitting on iron, the aluminum chair makes a person’s business dull. Sudden loss is faced.

 Sitting in a marble, wooden green chair, doing business is beneficial.

 If the chair is of iron or pipe etc., place a two-to-three-inch-high square solid plate under the chair. Always use red, green, yellow asanas or cushions on the chair, this promotes job, new sources of money are created and the field expands.

vastu shashtra tips for main door dwarvedh
vastu shashtra tips for main door dwarvedh

 According to Vastu, make sure that the owner’s chair is not in front of the office door at all.

The owner should sit as far as possible, leaving a space of 2-3 inches from the south or west wall so that his face is facing north, east or east.

 If the owner of the office wants to sit in the cabin, then he should also be in a south-west angle, the size of the cabin should be as square or rectangular as possible. All the cabins of the office should open inwards.

 There should not be any window or door behind the waist of the owner but a solid wall.

A picture of a tall building or a high mountain of snow should be put behind the boss. This keeps the boss’s grip on his employees and customers strong.

 Never take off shoes and slippers in front of your building/office/ shop. The abode of Dhatri and Vidhatri on either side of the main gate is considered the abode of Vinayaka Ganapathi Ganesh Ji above and Sri Dehli below, so the shoes and slippers should be kept in a cupboard on the side of the main gate and the owner and the staff salutes their business place. While doing this, the right foot should be kept inside.

 Do not collect the waste of the office in front of its main door, but throw it away and throw it away. Dustbin should not be in front of the main gate.

shop Vastu Shastra

In the present era, crores of people are making the business their livelihood. Be it a shop or showroom whether it is grocery, medicine, stationery, gift shop, clothes, gold, silver, tailoring, auto parts, mobile, electronics, paints, hardware, iron, furniture No matter what the field of work is, millions of people are making their living from them,

Know the Vastu of the shop

 Everyone wants that his business flourishes, and he tries tirelessly to make it flourish, but it has been seen many times that despite all the efforts, extremely hard work, he is not getting satisfactory success.

One of the main reasons for this can also be the Vastu defects of his shop, his business place. Therefore, before doing business, make sure that his shop is Vastu or not, if not, how much improvement can be done in it. Keep in mind that the future of your whole family depends on your work/business, so if there is a Vastu defect in your shop then you must remove it.

Vastu Shastra importance
Vastu Shastra importance

Here we are telling you about the simple architectural solutions of the shop, showroom, business establishment, by which you will definitely be able to get the benefit.

 As far as possible the entrance of your shop) should be on the north or east side.

Make your arrangement in your shop in your office so that your face is facing north. The north direction is the direction of Kubera, so sitting on this side has great benefits in business. Sitting like an answer, the brain remains more active and your effect on the front is more effective. You should also keep your cash box and important paper, checkbook etc. on your right. Due to this, along with the benefit of money, it also increases the prestige in society.

 If it is not possible to sit in the shop facing north, then sit facing east. The former is the direction of Lord Sun God, sitting on this side also gives wealth and fame.

 There should be no beam above your shop’s cash counter, the owner’s or manager’s seating area, if you have to sit there firmly, then you must cover the beam with fall ceiling or tiles and both the beam and the red ribbon or Hang the flute from Kalava.

 If there is a door in your shop, it should open inwards.

 Salesmen standing at the sales counter in the shop, showroom should also face east or north.

 Keep the shop corner of the showroom empty and absolutely clean. You should also build your temple in this northeast or east direction.

 Arrange water only in north, north or east direction.

 Make showcases, cabinets and any kind of heavy furniture in your shop, showroom, in south, eye or west direction. And store any kind of storage, heavy goods, ready mall, mall stock in this direction.

 Keep east and north directions empty for customers to enter your shop.

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