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tea bad effects on health

( चाय पीने के नुक्सान )

tea bad effects on health चाय पीने के नुक्सान
tea bad effects on health चाय पीने के नुक्सान

tea bad effects on health

Tea bad effects on health( चाय पीने के नुक्सान ) tea bad effects on health Nourishing the body is a difficult task. We are always looking for beneficial foods or drinks. Today, tea is one of the most popular health drinks in the world, because it has many benefits for the body when consumed in regulated quantities. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, contains ingredients that help you relax and is rich in antioxidants and blood purifying agents overall.

When you drink too much tea, however, it can be very dangerous. This can have major negative effects on the body. Especially when consuming tea with milk and sugar.

How tea made from milk can be harmful for your health.

Milk tea is considered a staple drink in countries like India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Cambodia. It has many health benefits like water-based tea. But when consumed in excess, this type of tea can be very bad for you. The following are the disadvantages of drinking milk tea.

These 6 disadvantages caused by drinking milk tea.

Milk tea Side Effect

tea bad effects on health चाय पीने के नुक्सान
tea bad effects on health चाय पीने के नुक्सान


Such as coffee, tea, especially black tea, which is used to make milk tea drink, is rich in caffeine. When your body is overloaded with caffeine, especially in the second half of the day it can cause sleep disorders like insomnia. While small amounts will not do this, drinking more than two cups a day can cause major sleep problems. These are one of the most common side effects of tea with milk and sugar.


Tea is also known for its relaxant properties. Sometimes the side effects of drinking too much milk tea can also be a concern. This is because tea can activate brain cells to calm you down, but when you drink too much of it, it can cause an imbalance in brain chemicals that causes anxiety. While drinking in moderation helps you to relax. No matter what the tea is. If you consume more than 150 ml of tea daily. So this tea becomes a risk.

Nails and Pimples or Pimples

One of the most visible side effects of milk tea for the skin is the problem of pimples. They start appearing on your whole body. A small amount of tea can help detoxify your body, but excess tea generates excessive heat. Excessive tea creates an imbalance in body chemicals resulting in an outbreak of pimples. The most affected areas for outbreaks of pimples caused by excessive intake of tea include face, neck, and chest


Tea contains caffeine and another chemical called theophylline. This is very good for your emissions system and can help improve the flow of motion. It is beneficial for detoxifying your body, calming your mind and muscles, and improving blood flow. However, when you consume too much tea. So theophylline can cause excessive constipation because it dehydrates your body.

Blood pressure imbalance

One of the most dangerous side effects of drinking tea is that it worsens your blood pressure balance. In small amounts it can help improve circulation, maintain heart health, brain and nervous functions, and improve your immune system. But when you consume a drink, it increases your heart rate. Which causes high blood pressure. Slows it down a lot due to its relaxing properties. Due to which your blood pressure becomes very low. This can be very bad for your body.

Possibility of miscarriage

The tea is great for the body due to its properties that help to relax muscles, calm the mind, increase blood flow and detoxify the body. But when a woman is pregnant, miscarriage can occur due to too much muscle relaxation or too much toxins in the body or irregular blood flow. This is why pregnant women are asked to monitor their tea intake very carefully

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