Dr.William Harvey Biography

Dr.william harvey biography
Dr.william harvey biography

William Harvey Biography Dr.William Harvey Biography William Harvey was the first person to accurately describe the circulation of blood in the body. He told that the arteries and veins form a complete circuit. This circuit starts from the heart and goes back to the heart. Regular heart contractions cause blood to flow throughout the body.

William Harvey Early Life Education and Family

William Harvey was born on 1 April 1578 in Folkestone, England. He was born into a wealthy family. His father Thomas Harvey was a successful businessman, mayor of Makestone. His mother Joanne Hawke gave birth to nine children of which William was the eldest. William Harvey began his education at a small primary school in Folkestone.

While studying at King’s Grammar School, he lived in his uncle’s house and spent most of his school time learning classics. The Latin language was necessary for academic and legal work throughout Europe. William Harvey married Elizabeth Brown, daughter of prominent physician Lancelot Brown. They had no children.

Medical Journey

Cambridge (Cambridge)
In the year 1593, at the age of 15, young Harvey enrolled as a medical student at the University of Cambridge.

He received a scholarship for six years to pay his living costs and tuition fees. In the final two years of the scholarship, he spent some time at universities in France, Germany and Italy, learning more about science and medicine.


  • In the year 1599, at the age of 21, William Harvey enrolled at Padua University in Italy. Who was acclaimed for his medical and anatomy courses? (Interestingly, when Harvey arrived in Padua, Galileo had had seven years teaching mathematics, physics and astronomy.)
  • His teacher Hiremonus Fabrius had the most influence on Harvey at Padua University. Who was a skilled anatomist and surgeon? The two became friends and Harvey learned from Fabricius that amputation offered a path to better understanding of the human body. Fabrius discovered the valve in human veins in 1574, although he did not publish his discovery until 1603.

William Harvey Career

  • Harvey returned to England in 1602. Upon his return, the University of Cambridge conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He then moved to London to work as a doctor.
  • He joined the College of Physicians in 1604, became a Fellow of the College in 1607 and served as Head Physician at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.
  • In 1615, at the age of 37, Harvey became a College of Physician Lumalian lecturer specializing in teaching surgery. In this role, he continued his work at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, giving an annual series of lectures.
  • When he was 40, Harvey was recognized as the best physician in London and in 1618 was appointed as King – King James’ physician. In 1632, at the age of 54, he became a physician to King Charles.

William Harvey Inventions (Blood circulation)

  • Harvey ignored traditional knowledge of medical textbooks during his stupor. Prioritized to make your own observations and to draw my own conclusions.
  • In 1628, at the age of 50, Harvey published his work. Commonly called de moto cordis – the motion of the heart. Be the first to accurately describe the function of the heart and the circulation of blood around the body.
  • Harvey’s knowledge came from observations he made of blood flowing through the veins and arteries of living animals.
  • Harvey ultimately did not make any mistakes. Which Galen did so many years ago. Nevertheless, Galen’s intellect and some of his teachings were useful. At one point Galen had to flee Rome because his methods threatened the careers of Rome’s Quake physicians.
  • In 1651, at the age of 73, Harvey donated money anonymously to allow the College of Physicians to build a new library. When the donor’s identity became known and the college erected a statue in Harvey’s honor.

William Harvey Death

 Harvey died at the age of 79 on 3 June 1657 at the home of one of his brothers. The cause of death was possibly cerebral hemorrhage. William Harvey’s graves are in Hampstead Village, English County, Essex.

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