Vastu for stairs

Vastu for stairs
Vastu for stairs

The architecture of building stairs

According to Vastu, stairs in any building also play an important role in the fate of the residents of the building. Actually the people of that building progress due to the stairs, but due to the stairs in the wrong direction, the residents there may face loss,

Know the architecture (Vastu) of the stairs of the building

  • Stairs should always be built in the back of the building either in the naitraya (south-west) or south or west direction.
  • Stairs are beneficial with a south-facing wall. The house members progress easily when there are stairs in the south direction.
  • Never make stairs (north-east), north-east, east-direction, igneous direction (south-east), middle of the building or in front of the main gate.
  • Stairs should never be built in the central part of the building, that is, the place of Brahm.
  • The staircase at the northeast is hindered in the development of the child. Staircases in the central part of the building can cause great economic loss.
  • There are chances of loss of money due to the stairs in the north direction.
  •  Due to the stairs in the east direction, the health of the residents there may be poor.
  • The stairs in the igneous direction (south-east) worry the discord and residents in the building and the staircase in front of the main gate also eliminates the best opportunities.
  • Stairs should be made by joining the south and west wall and if it is to be built in the north and east direction then it should be made from 3 – 4 inches away from the wall.
  • The stairs should always go from north to south in height. If the building has stairs climbing from north to south, then the owner of that building is never short of money.
  • If the building has stairs climbing from east to west, then the building owner gets fame.
  • The curved staircase in the building is considered the best. If the building has to be made of curved stairs, always keep the clockwise of the stairs i.e. east to south, south to west, west to north and north to east. While climbing, stairs should always be turned from left to right, this does not obstruct the work.
  • The slope of the stairs should be towards north or east direction. That is, the stairs should be made by climbing from the south wall towards north to south or the stairs should be made from west to east by climbing.
  • The number of stairs in the building should always be odd. Divide the number of stairs by 3 and keep in mind that the remaining 2 should be left, that is, the number of stairs should be 11, 17, 23, 29, etc. By the way, 17 stairs in one-floor building is considered auspicious.
  • The number of stairs should never be 10, 20, 30, etc. ie 0 at the end.
  • The height of each ladder should not be more than 7 inches, it also makes it easier to climb.
  • Worship, kitchen, bathroom or toilet should not be built under the stairs.

Vastu tips for making stairs

  •  If the toilet has to be built under the stairs, then there must be a space between the ceiling of the toilet and the stairs.
  • Keep in mind that the person standing at the main gate should not see the stairs of the house.
  • Doors must be made at the beginning and end of the steps if any architectural defect in the stairs ends.
  • If there is any architectural defect in the stairs, then a room must be made in the roof of the building, in the opposite direction, that is, in the southwest.
  • Fill an earthen pot with rainwater and cover it with a clay lid, this also eliminates any type of architectural defects of the stairs.
  •  According to Vastu, getting the gates at the beginning and end of the stairs gives the grace of the Vastu deity.
vastu shastra learning
vastu shastra learning
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