Vastu of restaurant

Vastu of resrestaurant
Vastu of resrestaurant

Restaurant ka Vastu

At the present time, it is very common to eat outside the house. Today in every city town small and big, simple-to-eat restaurants will be found, but their Vastu is very important. Because the daily expenses are very high in these restaurant restaurants, if there are any Vastu Dosh here, a lot of problems can arise. That is why it is seen that some are doing very well and some are not able to meet the expenses and in a short time they stop eating losses.

Here we are telling you some very useful Vastu measures related to restaurants, by which you will definitely benefit,

Vastu of Restaurant,

  • It is auspicious to have the land rectangular or square for the restaurant construction.
  • The main door of the restaurant is to the north, east or northeast to the east.
  • The slope of the ground in the restaurant should be from south to north and west to east. That is, the northeast and east land of the restaurant should be relatively lower than the land of southwest, south, and west.
  • In the construction of the restaurant, it must be noted that at least in the south and west and more vacant spaces should be left in the north, north and east.
  • It is best to have the kitchen of the restaurant in an unknown angle, but if it is not possible due to some reason, then it can also be made in the west direction.

The kitchen stove, microwave oven, oven, mixer grinder, etc. should be placed in the kitchen angle in the restaurant’s kitchen and the cook’s face should be in the east direction while cooking, it only gives praise to the customers of the food. They should not be placed in the northeast.

  • Freezer, refrigerator, etc. should be kept in the fire, south or west direction, but it should not be kept in a neutral angle, otherwise, it will remain mostly bad and should not be kept in the north.
  • In the kitchen of the restaurant, cupboards, tand, etc should be constructed in the direction of Nethya, south or west and heavy goods, utensils, packing, gas cylinders, wood, coal, etc. should be kept in this direction only. As far as possible, it should be tried that all the corners of the restaurant should be high and heavy.
  • The underground water source in the restaurant should be in the northeast and the water system in the north or northeast.
  • The grain storage in the restaurant should be in the same angle. It can also be placed in the horizontal angle of the kitchen. But if you want to keep some items for a long time, then it should be kept in the eye angle or south and in fruits/vegetables, milk, cheese, meat, fish, etc. which are used in daily / weekly use, it should be sold soon. Does not stop
  • Similarly, the food cooked in the restaurant i.e. the finished goods which are worthy to be served should also be kept eastwards in the same angle.
  • hand logo It is best to have a dining hall in the west direction for the customers to sit in the restaurant.

The reception, cash counter in the dining hall of the restaurant should be in the south direction so that the receptionist, cash receiver should face north. If the arrangement is not possible in this direction, then it can also be made in the west direction so that the receptionist, the receiver of the cash, faces the east.

  • Keep the northeast angle of the restaurant clean. It can also be built in the east and north due to the location of the worship house built in Ishaan itself.
  • In the restaurant’s dining hall, make a washbasin on the northeast, north or east side to wash customers’ hands, but make sure that no one spits in it.
  • The restroom should be made in the restaurant in a horizontal angle, if it cannot be made here then it can also be made in the eye or south direction.
  • Electricity meters, switches, ACs, etc. should be installed in the restaurant hall in the fire, south or west. They should not be applied in both the north and east.
  • The restaurant should not have pictures of violent animals, crying people, the sinking sun, sinking ship, war or Mahabharata, etc.

We believe that by adopting these restaurant measures, you will definitely be able to increase your business as much as possible.

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