Vastu for windows in house

Vastu tips for windows
Vastu tips for windows

vastu for windows

The windows have a very important place in any building. The windows of the building bring energy, light inside the building. According to Vastu, the condition of windows also has a profound effect on our lives. Residents of the building may have to face its ominous effects due to windows in the wrong direction. Therefore, their architecture should be consistent so that positive energy always comes in the building,

Know the architecture of windows

Here we are telling you the rules of windows according to Vastu Shastra, by adopting which you can make your building your life even better.

  • It is believed that the number of windows in the building should be even (eg 2-4-6-8-10 etc.), odd numbers are not considered correct.
  • The main purpose of windows in the house is to have pure air and light inside the building, so windows should be made accordingly.
  • The windows should be on either side of the main door so that the magnetic cycle is perfectly appropriate so that there is peace and tranquility in the house.
  • The construction of windows on the eastern, northern and western walls of the building is considered auspicious.
  • The east direction is the direction of Lord Sun, so there should be maximum windows in this direction so that the sunlight and it’s light can come in the building in sufficient quantity in the building. This gives good health and respect to the residents of the building.
  • The north direction is the direction of Kubera, the god of wealth, so there should be more windows in this direction so that the residents of the building keep Kubera’s blessings and there is no shortage of money in the family.
  • If there is a wall of any other building that is joined with the wall in the north direction of the building, that is, windows can not be built on the north side, then between that wall and your building, make a gallery and make a window in it, this may make your room Let it be a little smaller but due to this measure financial crisis remains away from the owner of the building. (Must leave a blank space in the north direction anyway).

The south direction is the direction of Yama, so in this direction, the windows should be made small and at least so that the cross ventilation of air in the building can be done but the harmful rays coming out of the sun afternoon cannot enter the house. If it is necessary to make windows here, they should be opened rarely and thick curtains should be applied on them.

  • The windows should not be in the building part of the building.
  • Whichever wall of the building should be made in the same line, not up and down.
  • The opening of windows inside the building is considered auspicious. If the windows in the building have pulleys on both the inside and outside, then only the windows with the inner side should be opened there.
  • The windows should always be kept clean and in good condition, there should be no noise in closing the windows.
  • In the building where the windows near the main gate are clean and beautiful, then the life of the residents of the building there is also happy.

 If the windows near the main gate of the building are broken and old, then the family members face health problems and they are also afraid of being falsely accused and bad in the education of the children of that family. It does impact.

  • The windows of the building should not be used in old or broken netting, nor should its palms and latch be broken, otherwise the life of the person is cut off in financial crisis, he has to face a lot of difficulties in fulfilling his family’s obligations. Does matter.
  • The windows in the building should not be made too small; small windows keep the mind from unknown fear.
  • If there is a satellite tower, electric transformer or dish antenna, etc. in front of any window of the building, then there is a possibility of disrupting the education of children in the house and their health is also not good. To remove its side effects, put curtains on this window. In addition, if possible, plant saplings on the exterior of the window.
  • The windows of the building must be kept open in the morning, due to which light, clean air and positive energy enter the building. Which is the attainment of health, and auspiciousness?
  • If the windows of the building are kept closed in the morning then the family members may have to suffer serious accidents.

It is also not considered good to have a road behind the building, due to these people living in the building can face betrayal from their own. The owner of the building may also have to become a part of evil and has to struggle a lot in life. To solve this, an octagonal mirror should be placed on the back wall of the building and if the wall on that side is south or west, then by raising it higher, auspicious results are also started.

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