vastu for kitchen

vastu for kitchen

Many people have a dream to build their own house, that your kitchen should not only be excellent but also so luxurious that not only you but the watchers will say, Wow. Therefore Vastu Shastra is necessary for this.

vastu for kitchen
vastu for kitchen

The house is the result of your hard work. When you plan to build a house, a lot of effort goes into it. When you build a house, you pay attention to every construction of it. The kitchen is also an important area of ​​the house. As your kitchen is responsible for the health of the family.

Therefore make it wisely. It is advisable to consider the rules of Vastu Shastra during the construction of the kitchen. In Vastu Shastra, guidelines are given about small aspects of the kitchen. Follow these vastu tips to make a kitchen at home. Not all directions of the house to build the kitchen.

Three essentials in life are bread, cloth and house. The main house in the residential house is the kitchen. In this direction, fire means energy. With the help of this energy, we all decide our life journey after death. Therefore, you can understand how important this place is. It is said that the kitchen affects both the health and wealth of a person. Therefore, the kitchen should be made according to Vastu Shastra.

Many times it has been seen that the kitchen in the house is tailored to the housewife, yet in the kitchen, the cook is not happy or does not have any growth after cooking, but it happens. The main reason for this is the lack of Vastu defects in the kitchen, that is, Vastu defects.

The kitchen has a very prominent place in every building. If Vastu is a kitchen, then the residents of that house will always be healthy by eating food made there, but if Vastu is defective, then those living in that house may have to face various diseases, mutual discord and lack of money. Here you can definitely get the best benefits by adopting the principles of Vastu mentioned for kitchen.

essential for kitchen vastu

  • According to Vastu Shastra, it is very auspicious to have the kitchen in the south-east (south-east direction). But if this is not possible due to some reason, construction of the kitchen in the west direction is another option. These directions are followed by east or north-west and finally south direction.
  • The entrance of the kitchen should not be made in the south and southeast direction, it is best to have the kitchen entrance on the east, northeast and north sides.
  • In the kitchen, it must be kept in mind that the cooking stove should be in the south-east angle.
  •  Do not forget the stove in the northeast angle or north. Having a stove in the north-east angle has a bad effect on the child, may also face wastage with money loss and keeping the stove in the north direction which is the direction of Kubera, even after all efforts, there is a failure in life. Looks like a king can also be a rake.
  • The cooking stove in the kitchen should be kept 2 -3 inches away from the wall and not adjacent to the wall.
  •  The person cooking in the kitchen should be facing east, this makes the food nutritious and the health of those who eat it is good.
  •  According to Vastu, no kitchen wall should be fitted with a toilet and should not be above or below the kitchen, toilet or bathroom.
  •  Opening the kitchen door in the east, north or west direction is considered auspicious.
  •  The tap in the kitchen should be on the north side. Apart from this, drinking water should also be kept in the northeast or north, but water-related work should not be done in the south-east, south and south-west at all.
  •  The sink should be made towards the north or east to clean the utensils in the kitchen.
  •  To keep the weighty compartment in the kitchen, the tendons or cupboards should be made in the south or west wall.
  •  The food utensils/cans should be kept in the kitchen in the north-west, due to which there is no lack of money in the house

vastu tips for kitchen

In the kitchen, electronic appliances such as fridge, toaster, microwave, mixer, flour mill etc. should be kept near the south wall, south east, west wall, but not in the south west, as it is mostly bad when kept in this direction.

  •  In the kitchen, the fan exhaust fan should have east or north direction with windows and air ventilators.
  •  If the arrangement of food is also in the kitchen, then it should be in the west direction of the kitchen.
  •  A woman who makes food at home should never have food in the kitchen. By doing this, there is an abode of poverty in the house.
  •  While eating, one should eat food facing east or north direction. Avoiding food in the south should be avoided as much as possible.
  •  There should not be a temple/place of worship in the kitchen at all. Otherwise, the gods get angry, the members of the house have to face disease and poverty.
  •  The first 3 rotis to be made in the kitchen of the building should be left for cows, sparrows and dogs, even after that the residents should have food.
  •  It is believed that in the building where the stove is cleaned after cooking at night and there are no false utensils left in the kitchen, Mother Annapurna remains always pleased.
  •  The kitchen should be cleanly clean and not busy. The sprawling kitchen brings many kinds of troubles to the residents there. If the kitchen of our building is good then our Shani, Rahu, Ketu, and Guru remain good.
  •  Never enter the kitchen for the first time without washing or washing your hands, that is, if you have some work in the kitchen after getting up in the morning, first of all, you enter the kitchen by taking a bath or washing your hands and feet.
  •  The owner or mistress of the building does not go into the kitchen without washing or washing hands and feet, otherwise, Rahu and Shani suffer, but their effect is reduced to a great extent by going clean in the kitchen.
  •  The kitchen should be clean and pure like a temple, so keep in mind that no shoes should enter it with slippers, at least the owner or mistress of the house must follow it.

vastu shastra learning
vastu shastra learning

the best direction for the kitchen is south east

Kitchen according to Vastu Shastra Kitchen should be in South-East direction only. The lord of this direction is Agni (fire) and the planet lord of this direction is Venus. This direction has been set for the kitchen and all fire works due to the presence of fire in the south east angle. If your kitchen is in this place then the flow of positive energy gets to all the members of the house.

Option of South East Direction

Although, this direction cannot be replaced by any other direction, yet if for some reason you cannot cook in South East Direction, then you can choose North West direction as an alternative.

Effect of Kitchen according to Direction

 Kitchen in North-East Direction

It is not auspicious to have a kitchen in the North-East direction of the house. This kitchen condition is also not auspicious for the members of the household. Having a kitchen in this place can cause problems such as –

The housewife is not interested in cooking, the health of the family members is poor, loss of money, stop the growth of offspring, less boy and mental stress etc.

Waste (needless expense) and an accident happen due to making the kitchen in this direction, so should not make a kitchen in this direction even after forgetting.

Kitchen in north direction.

The north direction is inauspicious for the kitchen. The kitchen of this place gives financial loss, the main reason is that north direction is the place of Kubera, the lord of wealth, because having a kitchen here, fire is able to burn money, therefore, a kitchen should not be built here. Yes, if poverty is nothing but life or everything, we can make a kitchen.

 Kitchen in North-West Direction

Kitchens can be selected at North-West Direction as an alternative. But the fear of fire fear may remain. Hence the need to be cautious.

Kitchen in west direction.

Due to the kitchen coming in the west direction, there is a quarrel in the house due to unprovoked, sometimes this problem also becomes a reason for Divorce. Problems arise from the child side too.

Kitchen in South-West Direction

In this direction, the kitchen gives very inauspicious results. Construction of kitchen in South-West Direction increases the financial loss and small problems in the house. Not only this, either a household member or a housewife can also be a victim of physical and mental disease. Daydream increases and due to this the probability of home trouble and accident also increases.

 Kitchen in South Direction

Making kitchen in the south direction can cause economic loss. There will always be restlessness in the mind. Any work will be late. You can always be mentally disturbed.

Kitchen in South-East Direction

Building a kitchen in South-East Direction is considered the best. Having a kitchen in this place increases the wealth of the house. Household members lead healthy lives.

Kitchen in East Direction

It is not good to have a kitchen in the east direction, yet an alternative kitchen can be made in this direction. Having a kitchen in this direction brings curiosity in nature among the family members. Accusations of each other also increase. There is also a problem in increasing lineage.

Correct Direction for Kitchen items

There are many types of items in the kitchen, in which everyone has their own special importance. If the items used in the kitchen are not kept in the proper direction, then it is considered as Vaastu Dosh. Due to this defect, there are many types of problems in the family of the native and at the same time, it has more impact on the health of the housewife. Therefore, it should be tried as far as possible that all the goods should be in the prescribed direction according to Vastu.

Important Goods for Kitchen

Stove (gas)



Mixer, toaster, juicer etc.


Exhaust Fan

Food table




To keep the stove, a stone slab should be made towards the east and north so that at the time of making the stove, the housewife should be facing either the north or the east.

The stove Gas

According to Vastu Shastra, the stove should be placed in an igneous angle or east. The stove should not be kept in the north-east corner, keeping it here causes child pain and loss of wealth and respect.

The lack of money is felt by keeping the stove in the north direction, the main reason is that there is a place of Kubera in the north direction and Kubera is the factor of wealth because the stove in that place burns the money like fire.

The stove should never be attached to the wall.

sink or washbasin

Washbasins are an important kitchen appliance. It is very important to have a washbasin to wash dishes or to wash hands. North East direction is the most auspicious for the sink, so this place should be chosen.

Storage | Store

Foods used in the kitchen, flour, rice and pulses, etc. should be kept in the west or south direction. In this direction, you can also make shelves. By doing this, there is never a shortage of food items.

Exhaust fan

Exhaust fan is best placed on the east wall.


Electric appliances such as freeze, mixie microwave, toaster juicer etc. should be kept in the kitchen in the west direction. You can also choose the north direction as an alternative.


In the kitchen, a window should be kept towards the north or east direction.

Kitchen gate

It is considered auspicious to have the entrance of the kitchen towards the northeast or north.

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