vastu for pooja room

Follow these Vastu tips for pooja room

Whenever it comes to the temple or place of worship in the house, there are several guidelines of Vastu Shastra which should be followed, so that the people of the house have maximum positive impact. Today we are telling you what to do and what not to do if there is a temple in the house.

vastu for pooja room
vastu for pooja room

The temple of the house is a sacred place, where we worship God. Obviously, it should be a positive and peaceful place. If the temple is kept according to Vastu Shastra, then it brings happiness and peace and prosperity to the house and their residents. Although a separate place of worship is considered superior, but it is not always possible due to less space in metropolitan cities.

 The place of worship should be peaceful, filled with divine energy. This is the place where people get power by offering themselves to God. If there is no place to build a room of worship in the house, then there should be a small altar in the east wall or the north-east zone of the house. The temple should not be in the south or south-west direction of the house.

vastu directions for the temple

Jupiter is the lord of the North-East direction. It is also called Ishan angle. Ishaan means God. For this reason, it is the direction of God or Jupiter. It is advised to keep the temple here. Apart from this, the tilt of the earth is also in the north-east direction and the earth rotates with the starting point of the north-east. Having a temple in this area of ​​the house is also similar. It draws the energy of the entire house towards itself and moves it forward. He said that a temple located in the center of the house, also known as Brahmasthan, is also considered auspicious and brings prosperity and better health to the residents of the house.

pooja room vastu

 When it comes to the construction of a temple in the house, do not place it directly on the ground. Place it on a high place or outpost. the temple should be made of wood or marble. Do not take a temple made of glass or acrylic. The temple should not be cluttered. It should not have the same deities in the standing or sitting posture. Also the images or pictures you have kept in the temple should not be broken or broken. It is considered to be a bad omen. Wherever there are temples, a person should be able to worship. If there is a special festival, then the whole house can worship together. Apart from this, there should also be a place to sit and worship. There should be good and healthy energy in the place of the temple. So always keep the temple clean. It should not contain dust, webs and waste items around. May the temple make you feel peace and stability.

vastu for pooja room

The lamp should be placed directly on the side of the worshiper.

Always decorate the temple with fresh flowers. Fragrant candles, incense or incense sticks can also be lit to create a divine atmosphere.

Do not put pictures of dead ancestors in the temple.

There should be a small shelf near the temple, so that items related to worship can be kept in it.

Never place waste or dustbin under the temple.

Many people place the temple in the kitchen or bathroom. In such cases, if you are not worshiping in the temple, then put a curtain in front of it.

The temple should not be in front of the wall behind which there is a toilet. If there is a toilet on the top floor, then it should not be kept in its lower part.

vastu for kitchen
vastu for kitchen

Use white, pale yellow, beige or lavender colors for the temple.

vastu tips for pooja room

* Having a picture of kul devta in the house is extremely auspicious. It is best to place it on the east or north wall.

* The door of the house of worship should not be of tin or iron grill.

* Establishing the temple of Durga Mata in Ashwin month is considered auspicious. Its very virtuous fruit is found.

* The pooja house should not be immediately above or below the toilet.

* Do not build the Puja house in the bedroom.

* Never worship two Shivling, three Ganesha, two conches, two Surya idols, three Goddess idols, two Dwarka’s (Gomti) Chakras and two Shaligrams in the house, destroying the peace of the homeowner.

* Color of Puja Ghar should be white or light cream.

* Do not keep the picture or picture of God etc. in the south west corner even by mistake. This causes interruptions in the work being done.

* North east corner of the building is best for the place of worship. The place of worship is tilted towards the northeast and higher than the south-west, square or round in shape is best.

* The height of the temple should be twice its width. The spread of the temple complex should be 1/3 of the height.

* Reputation of temple should be done on the main day of that deity.

* There should not be a place of worship in the bedroom. If the temple is built in the bedroom due to lack of space, then put curtains around the temple. Apart from this, there should be a place of worship in the northeast direction of the bedroom.

* The idols of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Surya and Kartikeya, Ganesha, Durga should be facing towards the west, Kubera, Bhairav’s mouth should be towards the south, Lord Hanuman ji should be towards the south or Nairatya.

* Do not establish the fiery god at home.

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