Vastu Shastra tips for main door dwarvedh

dwarvedh Vastu dosh

If there is any obstruction in front of the main gate of the building , then it is called Dwarvedh. There should not be any dwarvedh or gate perforation in front of the main gate, but if the gate perforation is located at twice the height of the building, then that defect is not considered effective. The pillar, big tree, a machine, an electric transformer, a ladder, a pile of dirt, a pit, mud, any other gate etc. in front of the main gate are called perforation. Any type of door perforation must be taken in front of the building,
Know the remedies for dwarvedh,

vastu shashtra tips for main door dwarvedh
vastu shashtra tips for main door dwarvedh

 If any path ends before the main gate, then it is also called gate perforation. This is very harmful for the head of the building.

 Dump of dirt and mud in front of the main gate is also piercing the door. It increases anxiety and grief.

 The well, deep pit in front of the main gate, also pierces the door. Due to this, the residents of the building may have to face many types of diseases.

 The entrance of the temple in front of the main gate is also called gate perforation. With this, the head of the building is always surrounded by a crisis.

Vastu Shastra importance
Vastu Shastra importance

om The big tree next to the main gate also pierces the gate. Due to this, the children living in the building do not grow further.

 If any corner of a house is in front of your main gate, then that gate is also called perforation. This causes the home owner to face financial difficulties.

remedies for main gate vastu dosh Dwar vedh ke upay

The use of om flute is very useful in Vastu Shastra and planetary defect prevention. It is used in Vastu to remove beam defects, door perforation, tree perforation etc. In the door perforation, the flute should be wrapped with red or yellow ribbon and put it on the main gate with slight slant and its face should be downwards.

 To remove the impurities of the gate perforation, the conch, oyster, cowrie or sea foam should be tied in red cloth and hanging from the molly on the door.

 From the vermilion at the main entrance of the house, making the swastika’s nine fingers long and nine fingers wide reduces the effect of Vastusadosh.

 Pressing a silver wire under the main gate of the house and putting a photo of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji also removes the gate.

 To remove any type of gate perforation and architectural defects of the building, plant a banana tree on one side of the main gate and a basil plant in the pot on the other side.

 Place an iron horseshoe on the door of the house, which should fall down, this also removes the gate perforation.

 Vastu doshas are destroyed by applying pyramid shaped Mangal Yantra in the house.

  By installing an 6-inch octagon shaped mirror outside the building, the door perforation is also removed.

 If there is any type of perforation in front of your house i.e. pillar, big tree or tall building, then put a lamp post in front of the building. If it is not possible to plant it, then put Ashoka tree, basil plant and fragrant flower tree pot in front of the house, in addition to this, the gate perforation can be removed by applying eight angular mirror, crystal hair.

 If any corner of the house is coming in front of your main door then put a spot light. Whose light should be upwards towards your house.

 In front of the main gate, if there is a pile of dirt and mud, it must be cleaned.

 The well in front of the main gate, if there is a deep pit, cover the well with heavy stones and must fill the pit.

 It is very inauspicious if a room window, door or balloon is open in a direction in which the ruined house, desolate plot, building, crematorium or cemetery has been closed for years. To remove this defect, put alum pieces of medium size in a glass plate near the window, door or balcony and keep changing them every month.

Note that the main gate of the building / shop / office is its mouth, so care should not be taken in any kind of gate perforation, even if there is no problem, it should be remedied as soon as possible, not waiting for any trouble should do .

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