Top 10 Places in India You Are NOT Allowed to Visit

India’s top 10 places where you do not have permission to go – dangerous and mysterious India is a country whose beauty is known in the whole world. There is at least one place in every district of India that people from all over the world come to see but there are some places in our country that neither you are allowed to go or knowing about that place you won’t go there yourself Surprised? Yes, we are talking about our own country about such things in our country and after knowing these places you will be surprised and is common.

Top 10 Places in India You Are NOT Allowed to Visit

we want to tell you about some of the top 10 dangerous and mysterious places in India where you do not have permission to go.

10) Tunnel No. 33, Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

There is no ten in our list is a tunnel from Shimla Which is 33. you must have gone to Shimla? but did you have heard about Tunnel No. 33? There are several tunnels on the way going to Shimla.

One of them is the Tunnel of Barog. numbered 33 It is believed that the spirit of an English engineer wanders here.During British times, Colonel Barod was given the responsibility of making this tunnel but he could do not build it properly and he had shot himself, since then the colonel’s brotherhood has been seen here frequently.

Do not be dared to go to this place next time when you go to Shimla.

Top 10 Places in India You Are NOT Allowed to Visit

9) Some places of Goa Beaches

Somewhere between Goa, your dream of going where will be a dream even when you know that in some places there is discrimination with Indians.

The owners of those beaches have said that they have to take this step due to the habit of stalking the foreigners of Indians with bad eyes.

8) Dow Hill, West Bengal

Darjeeling of West Bengal is known for its beauty, but here a small hill is known for its mysteries.

There are many accidents and deaths in the days that come here, due to which the fear of this place has increased among the people. due to which the fear of this place has increased among the people.

A school present in this hill is also known for its ghostly pharanormal activity. The people here also say that at this place a non-headed boy roams that chases people.

Top 10 Places in India You Are NOT Allowed to Visit

7) J e w ish home,

Pune There are approximately 4,400 Je ws in Pune, which the Indian government has given the minority status.

There is also a Je wish house in Koregaon Park area. Nobody is allowed to go to this area and there is a tremendous guard of Indian police at all times. There is no information about what is in this house and why this house has been given so much protection.

Nobody is allowed to visit the Je wish synagogues here. It is believed that the Isra el send money to the Je ws.

6) GP Block, Meerut

The sixth position is Meerut’s GP block which is one of the most scary places in India.

People of this place believe that the spirit of an Englishman Drooga D’Souza wanders in this place and demands bread and eggs. People have seen a woman wearing a sari here and some other people too.

Now what the truth is about, nothing can be said about it, but yes we will advise you not to go here.

Top 10 Places in India You Are NOT Allowed to Visit

5) Free Casol Cafe (Himachal Pradesh)

If you can not go anywhere because of ghosts, ghosts etc, then it is understandable, but if you find that there are places in India where Indians are not allowed to go, then what will be your reaction? There is a similar cafe in Himachal Pradesh’s Kosol, named as Free Casual Cafe, where Indians are not allowed to come Only the Israelites or other foreigners are welcomed in this cafe.

However, the owner of this café completely denies this. Our first video also tells about a hotel that was later closed, hopefully our government will also shut down such hotels in the future. So if you get a chance to go here, would you like to go?

4) Narayanpur, Chhattisgarh

Narayanpur in Chhattisgarh remains in the spotlight and the reason is that the encounter between the police and the Naxalites.

This is a naxalite district of Chhattisgarh. Just yesterday, four persons were killed in an encounter between police and Maoists in Narayanpur in Chhattisgarh on Wednesday. it will be better to remove the idea of going to this place which is good for you.

3) Mukesh Mill,

Mumbai Mukesh Mill is such a place where if you are thinking about going, then think again once again. This mill is on the route of Mumbai’s NA . Sawant and has now been transformed into ruins It is told about its history that it was built in 1852 and clothes and garments was made from here.

There was a fire in the mill in 1970 but after some time the work of the fabric was started again. After a few years, there was a fire in the fire and the entire got burnt. It is believed that this mill is a camp of ghosts and many people have experienced them.

2) Nidhivan Nikunj, Vrindavan

Vrindavan is the place of Shri Krishna where he spent his childhood. Every place of Vrindavan exhibits the plays of Shri Krishna , but its funding is full of many mysteries.

There are thousands of plants in this area, which are connected to each other. It sounds like here that there is an extraordinary activity, such as the battle of Shri Krishna, and the Gopis and the Radha with Rasli.

To enter the nidhavan at night. no one is permitted. Any person who dares to stay there in the night and see Rasalea, either dies or he becomes blind or his mental condition worsens.

1) Kuldhara (Rajasthan)

Kuldhara village of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan , which has been deserted for the last 170 years and has been transformed into Khandurs.

All the residents here left the villages by leaving the villages in the same night. It is also believed that they had cursed this place that no one could come again here. Now the question arises that after all, why did they leave this village? Actually it is believed that in this village there are some such powers which forced them to leave it.

Even today there are strange strange voices heard in this place. There is a door to enter this village which people cross in the day but no one comes here tonight. So if you are thinking of going here then remember/learn Hanuman Chalisa before going

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