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recipe for fried rice

recipe for fried rice

Veg Fried Rice Recipe – This is a famous Chinese dish that is liked by many and is very easy to make at home.

Method of preparation of fried rice

recipe for fried rice
recipe for fried rice

You know that Chinese food is incomplete without any rice dish. It should be any tasty rice dish or just plain boiled rice.

Fried rice of different tastes is available in different restaurants. In many places, you will find light flavored rice or in some places, you will find hot flavored rice. This pungency comes from the chili sauce. Many people also use red chili powder.

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But here today I have made a light tart in which only green chilies have been added for the pungent taste. I always like to keep fried rice less spicy and the gravy served more spicy and garlic.

You can also make this dish with leftover rice for the next day or morning.

recipe for fried rice

1) First of all, cook the rice and keep it ready. Use oil to cook rice. Take about 4 cups of raw rice and cook it, you will get 3 cups of cooked rice. Let the rice cool down for some time and then use it to make fried rice.

2) While the rice is cooking or it is getting cold, then you cut all the vegetables and prepare it.

3) Heat oil in a pan or pan on medium to high heat. Once hot, add ginger and garlic to it. Roast it for 1 minute.

4) Now add onion and mix in it.

5) Cook the onion till it becomes light pink and soft.

6) Add all the vegetables (beans, carrots, capsicum, white onion, and cabbage).

7) Mix and cook it on medium to the high flame while stirring continuously.

8) It has to be cooked for 2 minutes, do not cook it till it is cooked to excess or vegetable. It should remain a bit raw.

9) Now add cooked rice, salt, and pepper powder to it.

10) Mix well.

11) Finally, add soy sauce and mix. And garnish with green onions.

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