jaipur the pink city

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, was founded in 1727 by a Kachhwa Rajput Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who ruled the state of Jaipur from 1699 to 1744. Initially the capital of Jaipur was Amer which is at a distance of 11 km from Jaipur. Due to increasing population and lack of water, there was a need to transfer the capital to there.

jaipur the pink city
jaipur the pink city

India’s first planned city
Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II | Jaipur History in Hindi | Interesting history of jaipur
Jaipur History in Hindi | Interesting history of jaipur
Jaipur was the first planned city of India and the kings showed great interest in its construction. The erstwhile kings had first made a map of Jaipur with the help of many books of architecture and craftsmen. After many wars with Marathas, Sawai Jai Singh II was worried about the safety of his city.

For this reason, he published the scientific way and built this talented city in view of cultural interests. Sawai Jai Singh II, who is interested in mathematics and science, built this city on the advice of Vidyadhar Chakravati, a scholar of Bengal. Vidyadhar read the ancient astronomy books and discussed the plan of this city with the king.

Construction of Jaipur started in 1727
Jaipur old Photo
Construction of the city of Jaipur began in 1727 with a strategic plan. In the next four years, the main palace, roads and squares were constructed. Jaipur city was built keeping in mind the principles of architecture. The city was divided into nine blocks, out of which two sections were used for building urban buildings and palaces and the remaining seven blocks were used for general public. In view of the security of Jaipur city, big fort walls were constructed on these seven gates.

Jaipur Pink was welcomed by Prince of Wales
An Old Photo of Jaipur Market
According to that time the construction of Jaipur city was one of the most developed in the Indian subcontinent. The Prince of Wales arrived in Jaipur in 1878 and the entire city was painted pink at the time of his reception, since then Jaipur is called the Pink City. Jaipur was very rich in its architecture and culture, which you can find by visiting its historical places.

Jaipur’s population is increasing day by day
Girls School Jaipur 1870-80 | Jaipur History in Hindi | Interesting history of jaipur
Jaipur History in Hindi | Interesting history of jaipur
In the 19th century, Jaipur city developed at a very fast pace and in 1900 AD Jaipur Jaipur had a population of 160,000. The population of Jaipur was 2.5 lakhs in 1947 which has increased to more than 25 lakhs today. Now the work of paving the roads of the city started and many hospitals were constructed. At that time the main industry of Jaipur Jaipur was marble and metal fabrication.

Three Mahavidyalayas were constructed in the city during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II, in which the Sanskrit College was constructed in 1865 and the Girls’ School in 1867. At that time, people of many rich communities like Jains and Marwaris started doing business here.

The beauty of Jaipur Jaipur is compared to Paris, the attraction is compared to Budapest and the magnificence is compared to Moscow.

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