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exercise for better sex Hindi exercise for better sex Hindi. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, humans cannot find time for themselves. This affects his diet and health, as well as his sexual ability. In such a situation, most of the people are not able to support their partner in bed nor enjoy good orgasm.

By doing these 5 exercises, you can rejuvenate your sexual life sitting at home.

1. fast walking exercise for better sex

Decreasing stepmina of sex is normal as you age. But if you want, you can maintain your stamina in some natural ways. A study conducted in some people over 50 years of age found that people who practiced brisk walking were less likely to have 30 percent breast defect. According to another study, the activity of brisk walking for 2 miles consumes at least 200 calories per day. Which can help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction significantly. Apart from this, brisk walking also helps to increase blood flow in the body. Fast walking is very beneficial for sexual health.

By doing this, you help to keep your blood vessels clean, which reduces the risk of heart attack problems. Also you can enjoy sexual pleasure for a long time.

2. Planks Workout for better sex

Planck exercise is simple exercise to improve sex but it is not basic exercise. Best for good health and strength for both men and women, including sex. This exercise builds muscles around your stomach, back, and pelvis and all of these are beneficial for staying in bed longer. So if your sexual ability is weak and you are unable to support your partner in bed, then you should make a habit of exercising planks.

Planks get into a pushup position to do a workout. Fold both your hands with the elbow and place it on the floor. Place only the fingers of your feet on the width of your shoulders on the floor. Keep your neck straight. After this, keep the knees of both your feet on the floor. Then raise the knees above the floor and straighten the legs. Repeat this action again and again.

3. Behtar sex ke liye kare Push Ups exercise in Hindi

In addition to being a great exercise for the whole body, pushups to have long-term sex and increase sex stamina are very important for those who want to use different sex positions or try new things to improve sex. Want to do Pushups are to make the whole body in the correct position and to strengthen the muscles of your hands. To do pushups, you first lie down on your stomach. Place both your hands on the floor equal to the width of your shoulders. Keep both legs slightly higher than the width of your hips. Bend your elbow and lower your body until your chest touches the ground. Then straighten the pressurized hands on both your two hands and elevate your body. Do not let your lower back or hips relax. Repeat this action again and again.

4. Swimming Exercises for better sex life

It is beneficial to swim long distances to support your partner in bed. This can increase your ability to have sex. According to research by Harvard University, swimming people have been found to have more ability to have sex at the age of 60 than those of normal age of 40 years. Swimming at least three times a week for half an hour increases both the ability to have sex and the sex stamina. So if your ability to have sex is weak then you should start swimming three to four days a week.

Apart from this, going to the gym is also beneficial in some light-weight exercise and exercise in better sex.

Because this increases you Stamina and you must know that Stemina has an important role to improve sexual life.

5. Weight Lifting Exercise for Better Sex

You can take the help of weight lifting exercises to increase your sexual performance. Weight lifting is effective in increasing the levels of testosterone in men. Testosterone is an important location in a person’s sex life. It is also evident from the studies that to improve your sex life, some weight lifting, push-ups, sit-ups and crunches should be done. Such exercises are helpful in strengthening the muscles, strengthening the shoulders, chest and abdomen and increasing the stamina during sex.

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