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Zeenat Aman
Zeenat Aman

Life introduction Zeenat Aman –

Zeenat Aman is an Indian film actress. Who has been a famous Bollywood actress in the seventies. Zeenat Aman is recognized as one of the boldest actresses of that era. Zeenat also won the Femina Miss India Asia Pacific 1970 Award in 1970 for her bold look and excellent performance. Apart from this, she has been awarded many more awards. Of which, the Filmfare Fair is the award head.

Zeenat Aman is a model and actress of the seventies and eighties. She also won the Miss Asia Pacific Title of 1970, she became the first woman in South Asia to win the title.

Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi stepped into Bollywood together. He left a different impression on everyone as soon as he came to Bollywood.

         personal life

  •          Real Name – Zeenat Aman
  •           Nickname Babushka, Zeni Baby
  •           Date of Birth – 19 November 1951
  •             Age – 68 years
  •        Birthplace – Mumbai, India

Educational Qualification

  • School – Panchgani
  • College / University – St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Physical structure

  • Length (approx.) – cm – 175

M – 1.75

  • Feet Inch – 5 ‘9 “
  • Eye Color – Brown
  • Hair Color – Black

  Business – Actress and Model

  • Film – Bustle (1971)


  • Father – Amanullah Khan (screenwriter, real father), Heinz (stepfather)
  • Mother – Skinda Heinz aka Vardhini
  • Religion islam
  • Address Neelam Apartment, 3rd Floor, Mount Mary Road, Bandra, Mumbai
  • Hobby / reading books, listening to music and collecting perfumes

Controversy •

  • In the year 1978, he faced severe criticism due to his outlandish scenes in the film Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

• She has been in controversies with her first husband Sanjay Khan due to mutual estrangement in marital relationship. Due to which they separated from each other within a year.

zeenat aman film
zeenat aman film

married life

Zeenat Aman’s marital life was painful. Due to which he got divorced within a year of marrying Sanjay Khan. After that he had a second marriage, unfortunately that marriage was also difficult for him. Due to which her second husband also died within 12 years.

  • Husband Sanjay Khan (Noted-1980-1981)
  • Sanjay Khan, Zeenat Aman’s ex-husband
  • Mazhar Khan (1985–1998 till his death)
  • Mazhar Khan, Zeenat Aman’s husband
  • Children: Jahan Khan, Azan Khan

Actress Zeenat Aman –

Zeenat Aman was born on 19 November 1951 in Mumbai to father Amanullah Khan and Hindu mother Skinda. His father was from the royal family of Bhopal state. He used to write scripts for films. He has written scripts for famous films like Mughal-e-Azam and Pakija.

Amanullah Khan used to write all his scripts under the name Aman. Due to which Zeenat also started putting peace in front of his name. And that is where his Zeenat Aman name started. Zeenat Aman was only 13 years old when her father passed away. His mother later married a German man named Heinz.

She completed her schooling from Panchgani and later she went to Los Angeles University of Southern California to pursue further studies but could not complete her degree.

On his return to India, he worked as a journalist for Femina. He loved modeling. He initially modeled for a few brands, including his 1966 Taj Mahal Chai modeling.

Zeenat Aman is the daughter of the late Amanullah Khan, who wrote the scripts for the films Mughal-e-Azam and Pakiza. When Zeenat was 13, her father died. Due to which Zeenat adopted his father’s surname (Aman).

Zeenat Aman participated in many competitions. Like she finished second in Miss India beauty pageant (1970). Along with this, she won the title of ‘Miss Pacific Asia’ (1970), becoming the first Indian woman to do so. In addition, she represented India in Manila and won another title, ‘Miss Photogenic’.

Many believe that his first film was “Hare Ram Hare Krishna”, but his first films were “Hustle” (1971) and “Hungama” (1971). Zeenat Aman in the film Hare Ram Hare Krishna

Zeenat Aman was the third choice for the role of Janice / Jasbir Jaiswal, before Mumtaz and Zahida refused to play Dev Anand’s sister, it was Zeenat who agreed to play Dev Anand’s sister in the film Expressed. Zeenat Aman with Dev Anand in the film Hare Ram Hare Krishna

Zeenat was deeply disappointed by the failure of her first two films, which made her decision to end her acting career and leave the country with her stepfather and mother. Dev Anand then asked Zeenat to stay till the release of the film “Hare Ram Hare Krishna”. In the end, the film became a commercial success and proved to be a super hit in the film world. Which once again provided Zeenat with the opportunity to advance in her acting career.

She was the highest-paid actress in the film world at par with Hema Malini.

Zeenat Aman gave an audition for the film “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”, in which she played Roopa, a village girl with a sideburn. When Zeenat did make up for that role, the film’s director Raj Kapoor decided to sign on to the film as soon as he saw her. Because Raj Kapoor believed that Zeenat could play the best role in the film. Due to which Raj Kapoor signed Zeenat and presented him as a gold guinea zodiac.

Zeenat Aman’s film career –

He started his career with the stirring film released in 1971. He got a small role in that film. For the second time, he got a chance to work in the film Hungama (1971). The film also featured singer Kishore Kumar. But even that film could not succeed.

Dev Anand gave him the role of Zaheeda in the film Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1972). She was also awarded the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for this film. She also received the Best Actress BFJA Award.

Throughout the 1970s, the pair of Dev and Zeenat acted in more than half a dozen films. Hira Panna (1973), Ishq Ishq Ishq (1974), Prem Shastra (1974), Warrant (1975), Darling Darling (1977) and Kalabaz (1977) were seen together in the films Mo Deo Anand and Zeenat Aman.

Out of all those films, Warrant was the most successful at the box office.

A song was picturized in Yadoo’s Baaraat (1973) film. She is seen playing guitar in that song and that song was also a big hit.

Zeenat Aman gained immense popularity with the song “Chura Chola Hai” from the film “Yaadon Ki Baaraat” (1973). Interestingly, Zeenat was supposed to wear a salwar suit in this song. Which he wore during the song of the film. But at the time of shooting the song she changed her dress and said, “I am not comfortable in this dress and so I want to change it.”

Salman Khan called Zeenat Aman to watch the film Maine Pyaar Kiya. When Zeenat came out of the theater after seeing the film, Salman asked Zeenat about the film. Zeenat criticized the film, describing the film as “what a childish film it is in which the hero closes his eyes while applying cream on the heels of the heroine.”

In 1972, she was awarded the Best Co-Actress Award for the film ‘Hare Ram Hare Krishna’.

In the last few years of 1970, he did b. R. Worked with big men like Chopra, Nasir Hussain, Shakti Parity, Manoj Kumar and Manmohan Desai. All of them achieved more success by working in their films.

Zeenat Aman was seen playing a very important role in Raj Kapoor’s big budget film Satyam Shivam Sundaram, released in 1978. She was also nominated for the Filmfare Best Actress Award for the film.

Due to the way she has played the role of revenge action girl in Don film, the film comes to life.

She was seen playing the main character in the film ‘Testimony’ released in 1989. That film was his last film.

In 1990 and 2000, she appeared in the Bhopal Express film after a decade. She has played minor roles in films such as Boom (2003), Jana Let’s Fall in Love (2006), Crossroads (2007), Ugly Aur Pagali (2008) and Geeta in Paradise (2009).

She was seen playing the role of Mrs. Robinson in the 2004 drama The Graduate. The play took place at St. Andrew’s Auditorium in Mumbai.

Zeenat Aman received awards –

1970- Femina Miss India Asia Pacific Award

1970- Miss Asia Pacific

1970- Special Award – Miss Photogenic Atmis Asia Pacific

1972- Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for Hare Rama Hare Krishna Film

1972- BFJA Award, Best Actress for Hare Rama Hare Krishna Film

1978 – Nominated for Best Actress Filmfare Award for Satyam Shivam Sundaram Film

1980- Insaf Scales nominated for Filmfare Best Actress Filmfare Award

2003 – Lifetime Achievement Award of Bollywood

2006 – Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award

2006- ‘India Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Motion Picture Industry’ at the 8th Bollywood Movie Awards

2008- Lifetime Achievement Zee Cine Award

2010 – ‘Outstanding Contribution to Indian Cinema’ at the Gyaraway IIFA Awards

2011 – ‘Outstanding Contribution to Indian Cinema’ at the Gyaraway IIFA Awards

Interesting information about Zeenat Aman

1  Born on 19 November 1951 Zeenat Aman is remembered as the Bollywood heroine who changed the definition of heroines.

2  When Zeenat stepped into films, most of the heroines were seen in Indian look, but Zeenat exploded by presenting herself in Western look.

3  Boldness was also redefined by Zeenat Aman. Hiccups broke out in front of the camera in a cool manner and that is why her fans won Zeenat with the title of Sex Symbol.

4  Zeenat’s father Amanullah Khan was a scriptwriter and as an assistant he wrote scripts for films like ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ and ‘Pakiza’. He used to write under the name Aman.

5  Zeenat When her father passed away when Zeenat was 13, Zeenat added her father’s name to her name and she became Zeenat Aman from Zeenat Khan.

6  Zeenat’s mother remarried to a German man named Hanz and took Zeenat to Germany with her. From there, she went to study in Los Angeles, but Zeenat came to India to pursue a career when she was 18 years old.

7 is the Zeenat Kazan of film actor Raza Murad.

8  Zeenat worked as a journalist in ‘Femina’ and later turned to modeling. She modeled for Taj Mahal Chai.

9  Zeenat also participated in the Miss India competition and was the second runner-up. She became Miss Asia Pacific in 1970.

10  Zeenat was given an opportunity by OP Ralhan for the first time in films. ‘Hustle’ (1971) is his first film.

11  After being beaten by 11 Hustle and Hungama (1971) Zeenat decided to return to Germany to her mother, but in the meantime she was offered ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ by Bollywood superstar Dev Anand which was released only in 1971.

12  Zeenat was not the first choice for 12 Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Zeenat was initially offered to Zahida, but she wanted to be his girlfriend rather than Dev Anand’s sister, so she left the film and Dev Anand chose Zeenat.

fenugreek benefits methi ke fayde
fenugreek benefits methi ke fayde

13  In Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Zeenat introduced herself to Western style in such a way that she became the heartbeat of crores of viewers. The song ‘Dum Maro Dum’ filmed on them is still liked by the youth.

14   Zeenat Aman loved Dev Anand immensely. With Zeenat he did films like Heera Panna, Ishq Ishq Ishq, Prem Shastra, Warrant, Darling Darling and Kalbaz. Years later, Dev Anand had confessed that he had started liking Zeenat Aman.

15  Zeenat Aman went on to star after the success of 15 Yaadeon Ki Baaraat (1973). In this film, the song ‘Chura Hai Hai Tum Jo Dil Ko’ was shot on Zeenat and she became the heartbeat of the youth.

16  Zeenat Aman became the magazine’s favorite actress due to her western look, hot style and skimp. She adorned the cover of several magazines and for this reason she came to be called the cover girl.

17  Zeenat Aman was never considered a good actress, yet she worked with noted film makers of that era, Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, BR Chopra, Firoz Khan, Prakash Mehra, Manoj Kumar, Manmohan Desai, Raj Khosla.

18  In 1978, Zeenat had two big films, Satyam Shivam Sundaram and Shalimar Flop which put Zeenat’s career in question, but Zeenat made a successful comeback.

19   Satyam Shivam Sundaram was directed by Raj Kapoor with whom filming is the dream of every heroine. Zeenat performed fiercely in this film and was introduced in the film as a female female. Zeenat was critically criticized after the film’s release, but later gained fame through the film.

20  Zeenat has done films with the stars of his time Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna.

21  film Don He acted as a heroine and his role was highly appreciated. Dawn’s producer Nariman Irani died during the making of the film, so Zeenat Aman did not take a single penny in exchange for working in the film.

22  Zeenat Aman also made several films in which she was taken only to increase sex appeal.

23  Zeenat Aman’s popularity increased in Russia after 23 Alibaba and 40 Chor.

24  Seeing the bold style of a heroine is called Zeenat Aman. For example, Parveen Bobby was called ‘Poor’s Zeenat Aman’, Sarika was called ‘Zeenat Aman 2’, Padmini Kolhapure was called ‘Baby Zeenat’ and Bipasha Basu was called ‘New Age Zeenat’.

25  Zeenat Aman married Mazhar Khan in 1985 and broke the heart of many men. Mazhar died in 1998. They have two sons named Azan and Zahan.

26  Zeenat also had close discussions with Feroz Khan, Imran Khan, Kanwaljeet and Sanjay Khan. It is said that he married Sanjay too, which could last only a few days. Reports of a fight between the two also made headlines.

27  Movies like Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Qurbani, Abdullah, Dostana are remembered due to the performance of Zeenat.

28  In 1972 Zeenat received the Best Supporting Actress Award for the film ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’.

29  Salman Khan calls Zeenat Aman to see ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. After seeing the film Zeenat came out of the theater, Salman asked Zeenat about the film. Zeenat criticized the film and said that this is a childish film in which the hero closes his eyes by applying cream on the heroine’s heel.

30  Zeenat are nerds and they like to read new books.

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