Vastu which direction to sleep

Vastu which direction to sleep When we come home at night with tiredness for the whole day, we just find our bed. So that one can sleep easily and relieve the fatigue of the day. On the second day, we stand with a new zeal and energy, but at times sleeping, we make such mistakes. Which has a wrong effect in our life to come. According to Vastu, in which direction is our head and feet at bedtime. These things have a great impact on our lives.

There are mainly four directions, but it is not right to choose all the directions for sleeping. According to Vastu Shastra, one should sleep with his head facing south or east, that is, he should naturally keep his feet in the north or west direction. There are many reasons for sleeping and not sleeping in all these directions. Know in which direction gold can be beneficial for you.

Vastu which direction to sleep
Vastu which direction to sleep

South direction

Head towards the south and sleep. According to Vastu Shastra, sleeping in this direction is considered good. Sleeping with head in south direction and foot in north direction is much better in terms of health. By doing this, you get rid of many health-related problems and your body remains fit.

North direction

According to scripture, it is not good to sleep in the north direction and head opposite to the south. Actually, the Earth has magnetic power. That is why there are constant magnetic currents flowing from south to north direction. When we head towards the south and sleep, this energy enters from our head and exits from the feet. In this way one feels freshness and elation when awakened in the morning.

Head can also be placed towards east

The second situation may be that the head is kept towards the east and the feet towards the west. According to some beliefs, this situation has been described as better. Actually, the sun comes out from the east. In Sanatan Dharma, Sun is considered to be the life-giver and deity. In such a situation, it cannot be considered appropriate to step towards the sun’s exit. Because of this, the head can be placed towards the east.

important things related to sleeping …

– In the scriptures, sleeping is prohibited during the evening, especially at dusk.

– Food should be taken about 2 hours before sleeping. Never eat food just before bedtime.

If there is no urgent work, one should not wake up late at night.

As far as possible, try to keep the mind calm before sleeping.

Before sleeping, one should remember God and thank him for this precious life.

the right direction of the bed

These things should not be around the bed, what happens in Vastu, the right direction of the bed

Vastu which direction to sleep
Vastu which direction to sleep

We consider the bed lying in the house to be just a thing of gold, but the bed also has some auspicious and inauspicious effects. If its direction is wrong, it can also produce Vastu defects in the house. This can increase problems in life.

Vastu Shastra says that the person who sleeps on the wrongly placed bed does not sleep properly and has to face mental stress. If the husband and wife sleep on the bed in the wrong direction, problems and illnesses can arise in their marital life.

The bed should not be placed just in front of the room door. If a bed is placed in front of the door, then it produces Vastu defects. Due to this, financial problems, mental stress, illness, etc. problems persist. If it is not possible to change the location of the bed, then the curtain should be placed on the door.

Vastu Shastra says that there should not be a mirror right in front of your bed, where your reflection is visible while sleeping. It affects the relationship between husband and wife. If there is a glass in front of the bed, where your reflection is visible, then you should put a cloth on it and sleep.

According to Vastu, the head and bed of your bed should be comfortable. If the back of the bed is of solid wood, it is more auspicious. If there is no solid wood, no object should be placed under the head. When this happens, sleep does not come properly and when sleepy, nightmares occur. Always keep in mind that the height of your bed should neither be too high nor too low.

According to Vastu, there is also energy under your bed, which circulates around your body. To get this energy, the height of the bed should be fixed. Some items should not be kept under the bed. If the goods are kept, the energy passage will be interrupted. You get strength with this energy and when you wake up in the morning, you feel absolutely refreshed and energy remains throughout the day.

Keep in mind that there should be a wall just behind the head of your bed. You get more energy when this happens, while there will be a window or open area behind the head, the energy around you will go out.

Nowadays the trend of keeping electronic items like TVs, fridges, computers, etc. in the bedroom has increased. If these things happen near your bed, it will pull negative energy which can make you sick.

If there is a roof beam just above your bed, the bed should shift from there. Sleeping under the beam weighs on your brain. Sleep does not come properly and tension increases, fatigue does not disappear.

According to Vastu, water-related photos should not be put in your room. Doing so increases the chances of loss of money.

If you keep food or water on the bed, it also causes harm. This can lead to economic problems, illness, stress in relationships, etc.

Things related to religion should never be kept around the bed. This makes the deities angry and aggravated.

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