story of lord kuber

You worship a deity with Goddess Lakshmi for wealth, happiness and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi, without worshiping this deity, does not even grace her. But very few people know that this deity used to be a thief.

We are talking about the god who is none other than Kuber Maharaj, Ravan’s half brother, who is called the treasurer of the wealth of the gods. Lord Vishnu, whose wife is the goddess of wealth, had to take a loan from Kubera once. To repay this debt, gold, silver, diamond jewelry are offered to Balaji. The story of this rich God is that before he became a god he used to be a thief.

story of lord kuber
story of lord kuber

According to the legend of Skanda Purana, Kubera Somdatta was the son of a Brahmin named Deekshit, whose name was Gunnidhi. Unlike his name, all the qualities were filled in the multiplication. He started stealing due to bad company. Enraged, the father gave them a nuke from home. After this, the multiplier started doing more wrong things.

The king gave birth to the mother from her country. Disturbed by hunger and thirst, he was going to another city, when he saw his eyes on a temple. The multiplier thought of stealing the prasad from the temple to satisfy hunger and soon after getting the opportunity, he went to the temple.

They hanged their fingers in front of the burning lamp in the temple, so that the priest who was sleeping nearby should not be seen. After this, as soon as he stole the offerings, some people got caught sight of him and the valuation was captured. Bhagalam died of multiplication from hunger and hunger.

Both the messenger and the messenger of Shiva came to take the product with them. Seeing the messengers of Shiva, the Yamdoots retreated and the virtues were brought to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva said that you have committed a lot of sins, but you have saved the lamp of the lamp from the tip of your fingers by extinguishing the lamp burning in my temple, because of this virtue, you have become my counselor and you who are in the greed for money I used to steal you, so I make you the owner of the entire world’s wealth, from today you will be called Kuber. In this way even by stealing, Kubera became God.

Dhanteras means the day to make your wealth 13 times.

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