mass suicide at Jonestown

909 लोगो ने की एक साथ आत्महत्या
909 लोगो ने की एक साथ आत्महत्या

It was the world’s largest voluntary massacre

In which 909 people lost their lives

That scene was awful and scary

Lots of dead bodies were on the side

Never seen such a suicide and murder scene on earth before

In 1978, they took place in Guyana, South America, in which 909 people died

 Surprisingly, one third of the children were involved in this.

It happened that the founder of People’s Temple in Guyana, Jim Jones, on 18 November 1978

Planned suicide with hundreds of his disciples.

 Many followers of Jones committed suicide on their own

There were many who were embraced to death at gunpoint.

mass suicide at Jonestown

Jim Jones was an influential pastor

Who founded the People’s Temple in 1950.

His discourses had so much effect that within a few years he made innumerable African Americans his disciples.

Unfortunately in 1971, his church faced a variety of allegations in the media.

 Financial rigging of charges,

Including physical harassment and mistreatment of children.

 Expressed by these allegations, Jones decided to leave the city of California with his followers and move to Guyana.

Jones came to Guyana with his disciples, but he could not fulfill the promises he had made.

mass suicide at Jonestown

Jones spoke of turning his church into a divine place in Guyana.

 Days became worse and persecution and incest on the disciples started increasing.

Disobeying Jones, the disciples were punished.

By then, Jones’s mental condition started to get depleted.

And during this time, someone filled his mind saying that the American government has fallen against him.

In 1978, a group of former temple members and related relatives of current members

mass suicide at Jonestown

Persuaded US Congress President Leo Ryan to travel to Johnstown and investigate the settlement.

 On November 17, 1978, Ryan arrived in Johnstown with a group of reporters and other observers. At first the journey was good,

 But the next day, when Ryan’s delegation was about to leave,

 Several Johnstown residents contacted the group

And asked them to drive these people out of Guyana.

 Jones was upset at the opposition from his followers,

And one of Jones’s lieutenants attacked Ryan with a knife.

The Congressman escapes the incident, but Jones then orders Ryan and his partner to kill him

And killed on the runway.

 The Congressmen and four others were killed when they boarded their charter planes.

At the same time, an incident occurred that a disciple of Jones got stabbed.

And some people started going into revolt against Jones.

In such a situation, Jones had no other option but to tell his disciples that any ‘revolutionary work’ would have to be done.

Surprisingly, this revolutionary step was nothing but a mass suicide.

Which Jones’s disciples had to embrace happily.

The first to commit suicide was the turn of the youngest disciples.

It is clear that most of them were children

 Whom parents and nurses gave by adding cyanide in juice.

The next turn was of young and middle-aged disciples

 Those who got poisoned drinks in the shadow of the gun were given.

 Hundreds of people perished in the dungeons of superstition.

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