know the hero of ram mandir Mr. Keshav Parasharan

92-year-old Mr. Keshav Parasharan, who fought the Ram Janmabhoomi Supreme Court case in Hindu Supreme Court, who, despite being a veteran, dismissed the case by opposing the lawyers of the opposite side for 40 days as a passionate youth.

know the hero of ram mandir Mr. Keshav Parasharan
know the hero of ram mandir Mr. Keshav Parasharan

Senior Advocate K. Parasaran
He is a lawyer in two big issues like Sabarimala and Ram Mandir. His father Keshav Iyengar was also a lawyer of the Supreme Court, his father also advocated in the Madras High Court.

Keshav Parsaran has unique expertise in Hindu texts, that is why he has created a new column of advocacy in the country.

When the hearing started in the first week of August this year, as soon as 92-year-old senior lawyer Parasaran stood up from his seat, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogai asked him, “Do you sit and argue?” Would you like? He said that there has been an old tradition of standing up and arguing. “

CJI Ranjan Gagoi
At the same time, when senior advocate Rajiv Dhawan objected to the daily hearing in the Ayodhya case in the Supreme Court, Parasan said, “My last wish is to complete this case before I die.”

Sunni Wakf Board Lawyer Rajiv Dhawan
Today, on November 9, the country’s largest court has decided in favor of Ram temple. And with this, the dream of K ransom was also fulfilled which he said that “I want the Ram temple issue to be resolved while I am alive.”

His faith was also as strong as at the age of 92, standing for several days and pleading.

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