kk Muhammad ASI officer who stood for ram mandir

Born in Calicut, Kerala, mr k k Muhammad passed the higher secondary examination from a government school in Koduvalli. He believes in Lord Ram and the birthplace of Ram and he said that the philosopher Allama Iqbal also called Lord Ram as Imam-e-Hind. He gives examples of Muslim-majority South East Asian countries, saying that Lord Ram is popular and worshiped there.

kk Muhammad ASI officer who stood for ram mandir
kk Muhammad ASI officer who stood for ram mandir

Muhammad, former Director General of Archaeological Survey of India, B.B. Worked with Lal. Bb Lann led the excavation team that first claimed to have found the remains of a Hindu temple at the Babri Masjid site in 1976 -77. In his speech, Muhammad condemned the Left for believing the claim of a Ram temple in Ayodhya. Addressing a gathering, he said, “An archaeologist speaks on the basis of credible things.” At the time of excavation in Ayodhya, I was involved in that group. There was evidence of Ram’s presence, but the Left started shouting. “

Supporting the Ram Janmabhoomi, he says that he is neither religious nor leftist in his archaeological activities. He said, “There was a temple of Lord Sri Rama in Ayodhya, which was demolished. Muslims should hand over Ayodhya to the Hindus as they have Mecca and Medina. “Let me tell you that Muhammad has also written a book called ‘I am Indian’.”

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